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We Think We Know What You’re Looking For

Knowledge about PSA testing, prostate cancer treatment options and the side effects of each

Empowerment to leverage knowledge and take action – to ask the right questions from the right people, and to get the information required for making informed decisions to define a personalized path for moving forward

Compassion from people who have experience living through prostate cancer diagnosis and evaluating treatment options; who know how it feels to be overwhelmed by the information needed to make smart choices

Collaboration with other prostate cancer survivors and their loved ones/caregivers who have “been there - done that,” and who are eager to share their experience, perspective and advice

Encouragement through knowing you’re not alone in this battle with prostate cancer; you have someone to talk to who understands

Hope for effectively managing prostate cancer so life can be lived to its fullest

Us TOO support group locations

Us TOO International is pleased to provide our peers in the prostate cancer community with:

Support Services
Educational Resources
Advocacy & Awareness Initiatives