Prostate Cancer Research Studies in Chicago Area

Penile Rehabilitation (Ongoing Study): If you or someone you know in the Chicago area had treatment for prostate cancer with surgery or radiation in the past three months and is interested in working on penile rehabilitation to preserve pre-treatment erectile function, you may be eligible to participate in a research study using questionnaires to examine quality of life after prostate cancer treatment. To learn more about the penile rehabilitation program please call 847-503-4245.

The Lived Experience of Men with Sexual Dysfunction after Prostate Cancer Treatment (Ongoing Study): Researchers at NorthShore University HealthSystem want to learn how erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment impacts quality of life for men and their partners. Participants complete a one-time interview with the study investigator or member of the research staff. Cancer survivors will also complete a one-time questionnaire about their symptoms and problems. If you are a man or partner of a man in the Chicago area who has undergone radical prostatectomy (surgery) or radiation therapy for prostate cancer at least one year ago and no more than five years ago you may be eligible to participate in the study. Please call 847-503-4281 for more information.

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