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Between the Sheets…

Prostate cancer treatment can be life-saving. But the aftermath of treatment side effects can have a devastating impact on the quality of life for a man and his partner. The common side effects of erectile dysfunction (ED) and incontinence can be temporary or ongoing. Regardless of the duration, they pose a challenge to maintaining a satisfying sex life that may be part of a couple’s intimate relationship. Without acknowledgement and resolution, these issues can develop into a wedge that can fracture a couple’s physical and emotional bond at a point when it needs to be strong and sustainable.

The value of Us TOO is in addressing the unmet or underserved needs of the prostate cancer community. Based on recent survey results from Us TOO support group leaders across the country, we recognize the need to address the impact that prostate cancer has on sexual health and intimacy. In addition to updated content on the Us TOO website, we are pleased to introduce Between the Sheets as a new, regular feature of the Us TOO Hot SHEET newsletter.

This column will provide the platform for experts in the field to help men and women by providing answers to questions about sexual health and intimacy challenges that can result from prostate cancer treatment.