Us TOO Prostate Cancer Business Leadership Council  
The Us TOO Business Leadership Council (PCBLC) is designed to foster regular communication between the Us TOO Board of Directors and the biotechnology, device and pharmaceutical companies working with our “Prostate cancer community” to create an easier and more consistent way of sharing goals, perspectives and resources.

Our aim is to create an easier and more consistent way of sharing goals and agendas between patient advocates and industry. We hope that by sharing our perspectives and resources we will be able to provide a more robust education for our members on new potential treatments, and ultimately usher new safe and effective treatments through the regulatory process more swiftly than today. Today, we continue to work toward that goal.

The council convenes at least once annually, at the December Us TOO International Annual Meeting held here in Chicago, and sometimes at a convenient national medical meeting such as AUA or ASCO.

Special thanks go out to all the corporations who participate on the council, and those who have supported Us TOO and our patient education and support programming over this last year.

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December 2, 2011 Meeting Attendees

Standing L to R: David Lubaroff/Us TOO BOD, David Houchens/Us TOO BOD Treasurer, Sara Campbell/Sanofi Oncology, Rick Tazioli/Sanofi Oncology, Lindsay Bohlander/Sanofi Oncology, Joel Beetsch/Sanofi Oncology, Jean Jefferies/Us TOO BOD, Kip Cross/Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Howard Kaczmarek/Us TOO BOD, Jim Rieder/Us TOO BOD, Hal Teuscher/Us TOO BOD, Scott Riccio/Dendreon Corporation, Rick Lyke/Us TOO BOD, Ellen Ivey/Janssen Biotech, Kay Lowmaster/Us TOO BOD Vice-Chair, Jack Shaff/Us TOO BOD, Melanie Jaeger/Varian Medical Systems, Jerry Hardy/Us TOO BOD, Barbara Attridge/American Medical Systems, Ridge Taylor/Us TOO BOD Secretary

Sitting L to R: Catherine Bonetti/Accuray, Gloria Dillard/Abbott Oncology, Tom Kirk/Us TOO President & CEO, Fred Mills/Us TOO BOD Chairman

Present but not pictured: Kathryn West/Amgen Oncology, Joanne Vanak/Janssen Biotech, Susan Small/GTx Inc.


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