April 30, 2009

From: Thomas Kirk, President and CEO

Subject: Us TOO Statement on Provenge IMPACT Data presented at American Urological Association Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 was a historic day as we heard the data reported at the AUA meeting on the impact of Provenge. Us TOO's Immediate Past Board Chairman and Board Member Emeritus Jim Kiefert shared his reaction with the press and we are pleased to bring it to your attention. The hard working people at the Dendreon Corporation have come a long way and we are excited by this breakthrough. There is new hope for so many!


Jim Kiefert Past Chairman, Current Board Member, Emeritus

When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer 20 years ago, I always asked the question “why me?” I was told that somehow my immune system was compromised so the cancer cells were able to get a hold of me. At the time I had thought how great it would be if there was a drug that could strengthen my immune system. I wondered how great it would be if we had treatments that did not require chemotherapy for advanced prostate cancer.

As a support group leader for men with prostate cancer, I saw tears in the eyes of the men in my group as they learned that the FDA had rejected the recommendation of its advisory committee to approve Provenge. Prostate cancer can rob a person of their quality of life so to have a treatment available with few side effects is so important to the prostate cancer patient.

Today’s news provides hope to many patients as we need to continue to look for treatments with novel approaches and less side effects.
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