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March 3, 2010

From: Thomas Kirk, President and CEO

Subject: Seeking volunteers for DoD prostate cancer scientific peer review panels

Us TOO International is seeking volunteers to serve as consumer representatives to participate on the Department of Defense prostate cancer scientific peer review panels for 2010. We are proud of our volunteers – Us TOO has provided the most consumer reviewers to the DoD scientific review panels over the years than any other prostate cancer organization.

To be considered for Us TOO endorsement, a nominee must be:

  1. A survivor of prostate cancer;
  2. An active participant in Us TOO International or other prostate cancer–related organization (support, outreach, advocacy);
  3. A high school graduate or equivalent;
  4. Able to read and write English;
  5. Able to demonstrate an interest in extending his personal scientific knowledge;
  6. Willing and able to represent the views of his community rather than his personal perspective; and
  7. Able to access a computer with a connection to the Internet.
  8. Able to devote time for proposal review and attend a 2-week meeting in Washington DC

To obtain a letter of endorsement from Us TOO International

Submit your completed application form by Monday, April 19th to:

Tom Kirk
President & CEO
Us TOO International
5003 Fairview Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515-5286
Fax: 630-795-1602

The 2010 Prostate Cancer Program

The Prostate Cancer Research Program responded to advocates by involving consumers (an individual living with prostate cancer) in the review process. Selected consumers bring their community’s perspective, their firsthand experiences, and a sense of urgency to the process of identifying research focused on prostate cancer. Consumers underscore the need for good basic and clinical science, improved medical care, enhanced quality of life, and increased survival.

Congress has appropriated $80 million in fiscal year 2010 (FY10) for the Prostate Cancer Research Program. Proposals submitted for these funds go through a two-tier review process to identify the best research proposals. In the first tier, proposals are reviewed for merit through a process known as peer review. In the second tier, proposals identified as having the greatest merit during peer review are evaluated for programmatic relevance during a process called programmatic review.

We are recruiting consumer reviewers for peer review. Approximately 4 weeks before the peer review meeting, scientists and consumers will be assigned proposals to review. Scientist reviewers are required to develop detailed written comments on each assigned proposal’s feasibility, trial design, impact, etc. Consumer reviewers focus their written reviews on the significance of the proposed work as it relates to improved medical care, enhanced quality of life, and increased survival. Preparation time is estimated to be at least 5 days.

The 2010 Peer Review Meeting

Panels are assembled for formal discussions of the proposals, at which time scientists and consumers present their comments orally. Following deliberation, the panel scores each proposal’s merit. For the FY10 Prostate Cancer Research Program, the peer review committee meetings are tentatively scheduled for July 26 to August 6, 2010, in the Washington, DC, area. Travel, accommodations, meals, and an honorarium of $1,250 will be provided to each eligible consumer reviewer who participates in the full process.

For More Information

To learn more about the scientific peer review panels and the role of survivors (aka "consumers") involvement, visit the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs website at:

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