HotSheets 2015

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  • Active Surveillance Doesn't Impair QOL
  • ASCO Endorses AUA Guidelines on Adjuvant RT Following Prostatectomy
  • ADT Linked to Heart Deaths in Men with Prior History of Heart Disease
  • Obesity Increases the Risk of High-Grade Prostate Cancer
  • Photodynamic Diagnosis of Shed Prostate Cancer Cells in Voided Urine
  • Doc Moyad's "No Bogus Science" Column – Why Do Rabbits Have Perfect Vision?
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • Index of Articles Appearing in 2014 HotSheets
  • Sexual Partners, Sexually Transmitted Infections & Prostate Cancer Risk
  • Two Prostate Cancer Tests 'Not Clinically Useful' Says NICE
  • Surveillance May Be Safest Option for Low- Risk Prostate Cancer
  • Lower Death Rates in Men with Prostate Cancer Who Exercise
  • Diethylstilbestrol (DES) for CRPC
  • CyberKnife for Isolated Nodal Recurrence
  • Doc Moyad's "No Bogus Science" Column – "TV Shows Offering Wrong Health Advice"
  • New Us TOO Board Members
  • A Prospective Assessment of Patient Scar Satisfaction According to Type of RP
  • More Evidence of Harm from Selenium
  • Elucidating Immunological Mechanisms of PROSTVAC Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • POM Loses Bid to Claim Health Benefits
  • MRI/Ultrasound Biopsy & High-Risk Disease
  • PDE5 Use & Risk of BCR after RP
  • Positive Surgical Margins & Mortality
  • Bone Complications from Long-Term ADT
  • Prostate Biopsies May Be More Accurate at Academic Centers
  • Doc Moyad's "No Bogus Science" Column – "Dietary Supplements and Jim Harbaugh"
  • Lap vs. Mini-Lap Robot-Assisted RP & Scars
  • Providing Clinicians & Patients with Actual Prognosis: Cancer vs. Non-Cancer Mortality
  • Duration of ADT before RT—How Long?
  • Docs 'Astonished' about PDE5 Drugs & BCR
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line
  • Add Radiation to ADT for Localized PCa
  • Decline in PSA Screening & High-Risk PCa
  • Genomic Classifier Score & Risk/Benefits of Adjuvant Radiotherapy Post-Prostatectomy
  • Persistent Positive Prostate Biopsies after High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy for PCa
  • Radiographic Progression-Free Survival as a Response Biomarker for Abiraterone Therapy
  • Doc Moyad’s "No Bogus Science" Column – "Metformin, Cancer and Atherosclerosis"
  • Prostatectomy Impairs Sex for Both Partners
  • Non-Steroidal Antiandrogen vs. LHRH-A
  • Rate of Observation for PCa Increasing
  • Bavarian Nordic Vaccine Helps Prolong Life in Prostate Cancer Trial
  • Doctor Chodak's Bottom Line