Prostate Cancer Survivor & Partner Sexuality Survey

Participate in a sexuality survey designed especially for prostate cancer survivors and their partners. Us TOO has previously published outcomes from some of Dr. Peters’ earlier research in a past issue of our monthly newsletter, the HotSheet, “Outer-course vs. Inter-course,” and we want to let you know about her next phase of research.

See below for a personal note from Dr. Peters explaining her research, and survey links.

My name is Dr. Jo-an Baldwin Peters (PhD) and I am the Principle Investigator of an online survey for prostate cancer survivors and their partners.

My fellow researchers are Dr. Joel Funk, a certified Urologist, and Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Arizona, Tucson, and Court Brooker who is a prostate cancer survivor with experience in communications and media.

I am an independent researcher and the wife of a prostate cancer survivor. My qualifications encompass a BS in Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy), an MS in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a PhD in Health Care Administration. My dissertation was on how prostate cancer treatments impinge on the sexuality of both partners. In addition to my research I do presentations to Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Canada and USA, have participated in radio talk shows and have published articles for prostate cancer survivors and their partners.

This online survey is a follow up on my dissertation as several trends showed up that demand further investigation. Further details are available in the survey link below.

I am trying to generate a significant number of replies to this survey and ask prostate survivors to complete our survey. If you have a partner, we would appreciate it if they completed the survey, too, as it is important to identify both aspects of the issue on how prostate cancer treatments impinge on the sexuality of both partners.

This survey should be completed by both the prostate survivor and partner if at all possible.

Just click on the appropriate link below to start the survey and be certain to share the other link with your partner.

Cancer SURVIVOR Link

PARTNER Survey Link

Could you forward this message to any other prostate cancer survivors and their partners?

For those of you that have access to a bulletin board (urology office, hospital, support group meeting room, etc), see here for a poster file for you to print and post.

Read the article by Dr. Jo-an Baldwin Peters on sexual intimacy suggestions and tips, “Outer-course vs. Inter-course.”

If you have questions or problems, please contact Dr. Peters directly at:

Thank you for your consideration and participation.

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