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Investigators from University of Birmingham Report New Data on Prostate Cancer (Circulating steroid hormone variations throughout different stages of prostate cancer)

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Cancer Weekly -- Current study results on Oncology - Prostate Cancer have been published. According to news reporting originating in Birmingham, United Kingdom, by NewsRx journalists, research stated, "Steroid hormones play a central role in the maintenance and progression of prostate cancer. The androgen receptor is the primary driver of tumor cell proliferation and is activated by the androgens testosterone and 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone."

The news reporters obtained a quote from the research from the University of Birmingham, "Inhibition of this pathway through medical or surgical castration improves survival in the majority of advanced prostate cancer patients. However, conversion of adrenal androgen precursors and alternative steroidogenic pathways have been found to contribute to tumor progression and resistance to treatment. The emergence of highly accurate detection methods allows us to study steroidogenic mechanisms in more detail, even after treatment with potent steroidogenic inhibitors such as the CYP17A1 inhibitor abiraterone. A clear overview of steroid hormone levels in patients throughout the local, metastatic and castration-resistant stages of prostate cancer and treatment modalities is key toward a better understanding of their role in tumor progression and treatment resistance. In this review, we summarize the currently available data on steroid hormones that have been implicated in the various stages of prostate cancer."

According to the news reporters, the research concluded: "Additionally, this review addresses the implications of these findings, highlights important studies in this field and identifies current gaps in literature."

For more information on this research see: Circulating steroid hormone variations throughout different stages of prostate cancer. Endocrine-Related Cancer, 2017;24(11):R403-R420. Endocrine-Related Cancer can be contacted at: Bioscientifica Ltd, Euro House, 22 Apex Court Woodlands, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 4JT, England (see also Oncology - Prostate Cancer).

Our news correspondents report that additional information may be obtained by contacting J. Hofland, University of Birmingham, Inst Metab & Syst Res, Birmingham, W Midlands, United Kingdom. Additional authors for this research include J.A. Visser, W. Arlt and G. Snaterse.

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