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New Findings from Tom Baker Cancer Center Describe Advances in Prostate Cancer (Dynamics of three-dimensional telomere profiles of circulating tumor cells in patients with high-risk prostate cancer who are under going androgen deprivation and ...)

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Cancer Weekly -- Current study results on Oncology - Prostate Cancer have been published. According to news reporting originating in Calgary, Canada, by NewsRx journalists, research stated, "Accurate assessment and monitoring of the therapeutic efficacy of locally advanced prostate cancer remains a major clinical challenge. Contrary to prostate biopsies, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are a cellular source repeatedly obtainable by blood sampling and could serve as a surrogate marker for treatment efficacy."

The news reporters obtained a quote from the research from Tom Baker Cancer Center, "In this study, we used size-based filtration to isolate and enumerate CTCs from the blood of 20 patients with high-risk (any one of cT3, Gleason 810, or prostate-specific antigen >20 ng/ml), nonmetastatic, and treatment-naive prostate cancer before and after androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) and radiation therapy (RT). We performed 3D telomere-specific quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization on isolated CTCs to determine 3D telomere profiles for each patient before and throughout the course of both ADT and RT. Based on the distinct 3D telomere signatures of CTC before treatment, patients were divided into 3 groups. ADT and RT resulted in distinct changes in 3D telomere signatures of CTCs, which were unique for each of the 3 patient groups."

According to the news reporters, the research concluded: "The ability of 3D telomere analysis of CTCs to identify disease heterogeneity among a clinically homogeneous group of patients, which reveals differences in therapeutic responses, provides a new opportunity for better treatment monitoring and management of patients with high-risk prostate cancer."

For more information on this research see: Dynamics of three-dimensional telomere profiles of circulating tumor cells in patients with high-risk prostate cancer who are under going androgen deprivation and radiation therapies. Urologic Oncology-Seminars and Original Investigations, 2017;35(3):53-63. Urologic Oncology-Seminars and Original Investigations can be contacted at: Elsevier Science Inc, 360 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10010-1710, USA (see also Oncology - Prostate Cancer).

Our news correspondents report that additional information may be obtained by contacting H. Quon, Tom Baker Canc Clin, Calgary, AB, Canada. Additional authors for this research include T. Klonisch, J. Awe, C. LeClerc, B. Dyck, L. Wark and S. Mai.

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