Us TOO has more than 300 Support Groups and Chapters in the U.S. and abroad.

Members of the prostate cancer community have stepped up to volunteer as leaders of support groups and chapters in locations organized internationally under Us TOO to benefit from the affiliation with the nonprofit organization and the access to materials, resources and best practices provided through Us TOO International.

Prostate cancer survivors who attend meetings—sometimes along with spouses/partners—find invaluable information and perspective from their peers who quite often have “been there - done that” relative to experience with a prostate cancer treatment or side effects. The interactive format of a support group or chapter meeting facilitates conversations to exchange information among group members assembled with the common goal of empowering each other with the knowledge that comes from experience.

The affiliation of each volunteer-led, independent group forms the Us TOO International prostate cancer education and support group network. Meetings are free of charge and open to newly-diagnosed patients, patients currently undergoing treatment, prostate cancer survivors, their spouses/partners, family members and friends, and health care professionals interested in sharing information and learning more about prostate cancer.

Support group meeting times, locations and contacts

If you experience any difficulty reaching the contact person listed for information about a meeting, please contact the Us TOO home office at 1-800-80-US TOO (800-808-7866) or (630) 795-1002 Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm central time.

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