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May 5, 2011

From: Thomas Kirk, President and CEO

Subject: Top Priority - 2012 DOD Research Funding Action Starts Now

Top Priority - 2012 DOD Research Funding Action Starts Now

We need you to jump on this. Our prostate cancer Washington, DC friends at ZERO - and all of us involved in the Prostate Cancer Roundtable - need us to TAKE ACTION NOW on the Prostate Cancer Research Program funding proposal. Please help. This is not time consuming, nor hard to do…please no excuses. We knew this was coming. The time for action is now. Write your Representative today to ask that they sign the King-Jackson Dear Colleague letter to continue funding the Prostate Cancer Research Program. Many of you are Consumer Reviewers and know this program establishes the right priorities. It works and gets results.

Kevin at ZERO is telling us:

“The Dear Colleague letter dropped today and should be circulating the Hill this afternoon. Our deadline is May 12, so we need to push hard for the next week to get people to write their Reps. There is no print & mail option because of the short turn around we have on this."

He has also asked us “…to get the message out to your constituents and urge them to utilize their personal networks asking their friends, families and colleagues to support their personal fight against prostate cancer.”

If you are hesitant to advocate for yourself, ask others to do it! They care about you and those with this disease. We need this to take off right from the start, “snap out of it, and get to work” as my old boss used to say.

So please waste no time. This is the top research priority for all of us in the prostate cancer community. Go to ZERO’s site and take actionit is very important. As many of you know, we often collaborate with ZERO, and they have a great set up for us…go use it.

I have to say, over 4,000 people associated with Us TOO signed petitions to urge CMS to make new treatments available for payment, and I was so pleased. Now, please take action on this so critical, important research continues in the 2012 Budget. Go to ZERO’s website to use a pre-designed, editable letter to your representatives.

Thanks so much! Do it…we can feel good and you can sleep better, too.
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