Us TOO Advocacy Alert  
March 21, 2011

From: Thomas Kirk, President and CEO

Subject: Maryland Action Alert

Maryland Action Alert

I am asking the Us TOO network of survivors, family members and support group chapters in Maryland to raise your voices in support of patient choices for one of the most important treatments for prostate cancer patients.

Our friends at ZERO - The Project to End Prostate Cancer have summarized for us the situation in Maryland:

"The Maryland Board of Physicians which is appointed by Governor O'Malley is threatening to prevent urologists and radiation oncologists from offering radiation therapy treatment in their medical practices. The Board is using a 1993 Maryland law as the basis for its threatened action.

"All of us know that medical care has changed a lot in the past 20 years, and we shouldn't let outdated laws limit our choices when it comes to the most technologically advanced treatments for curing cancer. Medical practices like Chesapeake Urology, as well as others around the state, should be able to offer all types of care for patients with prostate cancer, in a team approach that brings together the expertise of urologists, pathologists and radiation oncologists within the convenience of a single medical group focused on curing this one type of cancer. This is the kind of patient-centered, integrated medical care that doctors should be striving to deliver.

"We hope you would join us in telling Governor O'Malley how you feel about the potential actions of his Board of Physicians, and how you don't want the Board interfering with choices for cancer treatment. We encourage you to edit the suggested email and personalize it as much as possible, to help the Governor understand why this issue is so important to you."

ZERO has set up two quick and effective ways to contact Governor O'Malley:

If you have undergone treatment for prostate cancer, please click here to send an email to Governor O'Malley.

If a relative or friend has undergone treatment for prostate cancer, please click here to send an email to Governor O'Malley.

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